Getting Started with Uplisting

This page will help you get started with Uplisting. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to Uplisting!

We've designed Uplisting to be simple to set up and intuitive to use. Saying that there is a slight learning curve. This guide is designed to get you off to the right start.

Step 1: Create your free Uplisting account for a live demo


We think the best way to test if Uplisting is for you is to sign-up for a free 14-day trial (here) and have a look around with a live demo.


Not ready to switch just yet?

No stress. We still recommend taking a trial as it's free, no credit card is required. You can either delete your account or reset your trial for some point in the future.

Arrange your free (optional) video call with the sales team for a demo

Pick a slot (here) with our sales team. We can answer any questions and show you around key features.

Step 2: Connect to your Airbnb account in read-only mode (totally risk-free!) - 5 mins

This is by far the simplest and quickest way to get started with Uplisting. Remember, you can disconnect from Airbnb very easily if you need to both on Uplisting and on Airbnb, you are in total control.


Connecting to Uplisting in read-only mode does not impact Airbnb or any existing software you use. It's entirely risk free. You can upgrade to full-sync when you are ready.

Read-only means Uplisting can access your listings content, calendar and settings, your bookings and guest messages but cannot change anything on your Airbnb account.

What happens when you connect to Airbnb?

Within a few minutes, Uplisting imports all your listings, listing content, prices, availability, bookings, messages.

If you are not using Airbnb you can create listings manually in Uplisting using this guide.

Step 3: How to Set Rates & Minimum Stay - 5 Mins

Base Rates & Spot Rates

  • You can access and change your base rates by clicking on the property name from the calendar and selecting the pricing tab
  • These rates are before any channel mark-up and you can think of these as your default rate settings - any new dates that up in the future will pay attention to these rules
  • To make any changes to your rates for specific dates you can use either the Bulk update feature or Spot changes from the main calendar view
  • If you want to change the rates for multiple Listings or set different rates depending on the day of the week then use the Bulk update features from the top right-hand of the calendar view
  • Spot changes are simple and can be used to change the rates for a specific listing across a select date range
  • Bulk updates overwrite based rates for the selected date range - Spot changes will overwrite rates for the selected date range

Viewing and Changing Rates

In the top right-hand corner of the calendar view, you have the option to hide/show certain rows. This will allow you to add things like spot rates and different channel rates to your calendar for quick and easy viewing.

Channel Markup

You'll need to set your markup structure, here.

This is used to uplift your prices on each channel to account for any commission/fees as they are slightly different for each channel. Here's an in-depth guide.

Note on Airbnb Markup and Commission

If this is the first time you are connecting your Airbnb account with a channel manager, you will be switched to Airbnb’s new commission structure of host-only commission @ 15% - Some regions have the option to switch back to Host/Guest split commission

The ability to return to the 3% fee when connected to a preferred partner of Airbnb's (property management software) is only available for accounts located within United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Taiwan or Uruguay

All accounts outside of these regions will be set to 15% with no option to change unless disconnection from the preferred partner software

Minimum Length of stay (MLOS) & Closed for Arrival/Departure

To edit the minimum stay, you’ll follow the exact same steps as changing spot rates. To change an individual night, click hidden rows tab > minimum stay and change the night there.

To update it across multiple dates, you’ll click bulk update, click the date range and select the required minimum stay for each day of the week

We also sync these restrictions from Pricelabs & Beyond Pricing if you are using these tools.

Step 4: Connect dynamic pricing apps - 5 - 10 mins


We have a direct integration with Pricelabs, Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing. If you use any of these tools, connect them on the Connect page to sync rates and availability restrictions.

Step 5: Connect Stripe - 5 Mins

(Required for Direct bookings, Google Vacation Rentals, VRBO and Security Deposits)

Stripe will process payments for direct, Google and VRBO bookings and also security deposits:

Step 6: Connect with Vrbo - Less than 5 Mins

Vrbo takes the longest to connect via API as there are some steps involved that need to be actioned by their account management team, so best to get started immediately.

I Already have a Vrbo Account

Step 1 - We recommend connecting your Vrbo account via iCAL first - See this guide for more details why

Here's how to connect via iCal.

Step 2 - Proceed to connect via API. Use this guide to connect.

Note - If you want to accept bookings from Vrbo but do not want to collect payments you can connect via iCal and sync only bookings and availabilities.

I don’t have a Vrbo Account

No problem. Following the connection process on Uplisting will automatically create a Vrbo account for you.

We can create the listings and their content based on the details you have already imported from Airbnb. Use this guide.

Step 7: Create your direct booking site - 10-30 Mins

You can create your direct booking site via the direct screen here and the Uplisting hosted option by entering a name in the input.

Do you own a domain and would like the self-hosted option? If yes, please fill out this form.

Step 8: Publish on Google Vacation Rentals - Less than 1 Min


The excellent news, Uplisting does all the hard work for you and creates your listings on Google with the click of a button.

Google is essentially a copy of your direct booking engine pages - you can simply hit publish, and we will take care of the rest. Guide to connecting Google.


  • Google Vacation Rental listings take between 1-2 weeks to become live on Google, so we recommend getting this started immediately if planning to list on this channel
  • For your listings to be visible on Google Vacation Rentals, listings should be set to ‘Instant Book’ at all times on your direct booking engine

Step 9: Set up automated messages - 1-2 hours

Link to Guide on Onbound Communication

  • Use existing templates OR create your own OR copy and paste from your existing software (make sure message tags match)
  • Think about what pre-arrival steps you want in place, and make sure you link them to the Guest booking page
  • Set Filters - this will help trigger/or stop automated messages sending out when you want them to (Note that existing templates might already have some filters enabled)
  • Think about setting up some custom property attributes. This will help you customise your messages to both guests and properties. You can create message templates for each property. However, this approach may be more complicated to manage at scale - see next step.

Add property-specific information

Use custom property attributes to add property-specific information such as lock codes, parking instructions and directions. These custom attributes can then be added to your automated messages, saved replies and rental agreements.

You can edit your properties default settings and attributes such as the number of rooms/beds (which will be imported from Airbnb) but also information such as Wi-fi passwords, property names and descriptions.

Step 10: Connect to - 10-30 Mins

Use this guide - How to connect to guide

*You'll need to enter a booking window of 0 for this to ensure no bookings occur during the connection process.

Step 11: Configure Pre-Arrival Security Automation - 10 Min

*Remember to add the link to the guest booking page in your automated messages so they can view/complete any of these steps

Link to Security Deposit Automation
Link to Guest ID Verification Guide
Link to Rental Agreement Guide

Other features to consider

Enable the automated cleaning scheduler

Download our mobile apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 12: Import existing VRBO or direct booking reservations

If you have more than 10 bookings, we can bulk import using the sheet linked below: - send to [email protected]

For less than 10 bookings, you can create them manually -

Step 13: Upgrade your Airbnb connection to full-sync

  1. The final step is to disconnect from your previous software (here) and grant Uplisting full access (here). Once you grant Uplisting full access the system re-imports all prices, restrictions and any other settings that may have changed since you were initially soft-connected. This means Uplisting has a fully up mirror copy of your Airbnb listing.
    Note: You can only have one channel manager connected to Airbnb at any time. Upgrading your connection will break the connection with your existing provider, so be sure you are happy with settings such as rates and availability, and have imported any direct bookings prior to turning on full-sync to avoid any issues.
  2. Certain pricing and availability settings on your Airbnb listings are disabled. What changes on my Airbnb account when I connect?
  3. Review our Airbnb post-connection checklist.
  4. Uplisting is now set up for Airbnb. You can immediately start messaging guests, updating prices, and setup automation like automated guest reviews, automated messages, and more.

Subscribe to Uplisting

Ready to subscribe?

  • Go to Settings - Billing
  • Select Currency
  • Monthly or Annual (10% Discount)
  • Check and Add any premium add-ons, such as security deposit automation or client statements
  • Subscribe via Stripe

You can always manage your subscription on the Billing page as well -