The Airbnb connection process

A step-by-step guide and explainer on how to connect Airbnb in read-only mode and upgrade to full-sync mode.


When you first connect your Airbnb account to Uplisting the connection is in read-only mode. When you are ready for Uplisting to sync with Airbnb you can upgrade the connection to full-sync.

Read only mode

Read-only means Uplisting can access your listings content, calendar and settings, your bookings and guest messages but cannot change anything on your Airbnb account.

What does full-sync mean?

Full-sync means Uplisting can make changes on your Airbnb account. You will need to upgrade your connection to full-sync for any of the Uplisting features (e.g. price updates and automated guest messages) to work on Airbnb.

Why connect in read-only mode?

We believe the read-only mode offers a better experience for you.

  • A risk-free way to look around Uplisting with your real listings, calendars and bookings.
  • You can connect in read-only mode even if you are switching from other software (which is very common).
  • Read-only mode means Uplisting can't make any changes on your Airbnb account, nor does it affect any existing software you use to manage your Airbnb accounts.
  • Read-only mode gives you time to set up automated messages, your direct booking engine, import existing bookings and more before you need to flip the switch for Uplisting to take control.
  • Connecting in full-sync mode with software like Uplisting results in a few changes on your Airbnb account. We'd prefer you to have a look around Uplisting and make sure Uplisting is a good fit for you before these changes take place. More on what these changes are below.

What happens if I don't want to continue with Uplisting?

You are in control. Once connected to Airbnb, you can remove Uplisting as a connection directly on Airbnb here with one click. This means Uplisting won't have any access to your Airbnb account at all.

All your data is automatically removed from Uplisting after your trial ends - we have no interest and get no value in storing non-subscriber data - you can also delete your account entirely.

If you have an active subscription, you'll need to Cancel your plan through in the Billing section. Find out more on how to Manage Your Subscription.

We wish you well and understand Uplisting may not be a perfect fit for every business!

What happens when I'm ready to upgrade to full-sync?

Once you are happy you can upgrade to full-sync with the click of a couple of buttons.