How to cancel a VRBO booking

Vrbo bookings (if created using the API/XML integration) are cancelled directly on Uplisting.


If you or your guest need to cancel a Vrbo booking you can do so directly on Uplisting. This cancellation will be reflected on your Homeaway account within an hour.

How to cancel

To cancel a booking in Uplisting, go to the Summary tab on the booking you want to cancel and scroll down. You have two options:

  1. Report cancellation by owner.

  2. Report cancellation by traveller (guest)

  3. Confirm the cancellation on the pop-up screen.


Report cancellation

How to refund

  1. Go to the Price tab on the booking you need to refund
  2. Click on 'refund payment I` to refund the first payment
  3. If the booking was paid for using split payments, there may be a second payment to refund (Refund payment II).
  4. Enter the amount to refund on the pop-up
  5. Click the refund button
Refund payment option

Refund payment option

Confirm refund amount

Confirm refund amount