Automated guest access with RemoteLock

Uplisting partners with RemoteLock to automate guest access with unique lock codes

What is RemoteLock?

RemoteLock provides ultimate control of your connected locks. Choose from a wide selection of Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart locks from August, Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, and others, plus hardwired access control systems from Mercury, HID, and more.

How do Uplisting and RemoteLock help?

Connecting RemoteLock + your smart locks + Uplisting means you can automate guest check-ins entirely. Uplisting creates a unique door lock code for each guest reservation. The unique door code can be dynamically inserted into your automated guest messages using the {lock_code} message tag.

What locks do you support?

Choose from a wide selection of Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart locks from the following brands:

  • August
  • Yale
  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Alfred
  • Vera

Don't see your lock brand here?
Contact RemoteLock here as they add new lock brands regularly.


Igloo Homes

Currently, we're unable to support Igloo Home locks. We have this on our roadmap and you can upvote the feature here: Igloo Home Feature Request

Video introduction to automated guest entry with Uplisting and Remotelock

How to get started

You will need a RemoteLock account to automate guest access via Uplisting. If you don't already have a RemoteLock account, sign up here.

Connecting Uplisting and RemoteLock

Once you have signed up to RemoteLock and connected your locks, you can start automating guest access.

  1. Connect your Remotelock account to Uplisting on the Connect page.
  2. Map your Remotelock locks to your Uplisting listings on that same page.
  3. Insert the {lock_code} message tag into your automated messages where appropriate.
  4. Done! Automated guest check-in with smart locks is now up and running.

Multi-Unit Support

One of the standout features of our current RemoteLock integration is its multi-unit support. With this feature, you're not limited to assigning a lock to an entire property. Instead, you have the flexibility to assign a lock to each individual unit within your main property. This is incredibly useful for hosts managing properties with multiple units, such as apartment buildings or multi-room houses. By allowing you to assign a lock to individual units within a property, you gain more control over your property access.

How it Works

  1. Connect Your Smart Locks: Sync your smart locks with RemoteLock and Uplisting.
  2. Assign Locks: Choose which lock to assign to each unit within your property on Uplisting.
  3. Automate Check-ins: Once a guest reservation is made, Uplisting automatically creates a unique door lock code for the specific unit.
  4. Sit Back and Relax: Your guests receive their unique door lock code, and their check-in is entirely automated.