Linking an external website to Uplisting booking payment pages

You may want to use your own website for most of the guest booking journey. Rather than processing payments yourself, you can direct guests to the Uplisting direct booking payment page.


We recommend integrating with our API to sync availability (and prices and restrictions)

To ensure bookings are only allowed on available dates you will need to integrate with the Uplisting API to sync up to date availability to your website. You or your developer will need to integrate with our API. Uplisting does not offer this service.


Each direct booking listing on Uplisting has a unique identifying ID, called a slug (named property_slug in our API). You can construct a URL to with check-in and out dates, number of guests and the property_slug to send a website visitor to the Uplisting direct booking payment page.

Here's an example URL:
Note this URL may not work if you visit it, it's mainly for display purposes

How to use the link

You will most likely display a listing availability search page on your own website where a website visitor can enter a date range and number of guests and be provided with the listings that are available on those dates and for that many guests.

On this availability listings page, you will most likely provide a button called 'Book now'. The URL on this button can be constructed like the example above so when your website visitor clicks the book now button, they are sent to the Uplisting direct booking page where they can pay for their reservation.

Where do I find the property slug?

The best way to source the property slug is via the Upilsting API's Properties endpoint.

Part of the response for this endpoint is shown below. The "property_slug" for this example property is "fbb3de".

      "id": "11606",
      "type": "properties",
      "attributes": {
        "name": "Artist's Retreat in Copenhagen's French Quarter",
        "nickname": "Entire property",
        "currency": "GBP",
        "time_zone": "Europe/London",
        "check_in_time": 14,
        "check_out_time": 1,
        "type": "House",
        "maximum_capacity": 4,
        "description": "Private & relaxing loft off one of Copenhagen's favourite avenues. Located in a quiet back garden meaning sleep will come easy even as the city buzzes beyond the gate. Botanicals, artwork, craftmanship, and designer furniture provide interior inspiration while the kitchen comes fully equipped for culinary forays. Large bathroom allows space for grooming and bathing. A perfect walkscore of 99 means you can coffee, cocktail, and culture within steps. Walking distance to many attractions.",
        "bedrooms": 20,
        "beds": 9,
        "bathrooms": 2,
        "created_at": "2021-04-22T14:05:31Z",
        "uplisting_domain": "",
        "property_slug": "fbb3de"

How do I ensure availability and prices are up to date on my custom (non-Uplisting) website?

Integrate with the Uplisting API Calendar endpoint to retrieve availability, prices and restrictions for a date range and/or use the Availability endpoint to get a list of properties that are available for a specific date range.