Messages sent as account owner rather than property manager

Messages will always be sent from the host name of the Airbnb account connected to Uplisting. It's not possible to configure a message to be sent as a co-host name. This is an Airbnb limitation.

How to send Airbnb messages from you as a host and not the Airbnb account owner

The solution is to use Airbnb teams (this is different from co-hosts).

  1. Read more on teams here.
  2. Invite yourself as a teammate on the Airbnb account owner account. Note, you may need to create a new Airbnb account to act as a teammate.
  3. Repeat for other Airbnb accounts you work with
  4. Connect this teammate Airbnb account to Uplisting
  5. If you have already connected the Airbnb account owner account and listings to Uplisting please reach out to customer support as we can map those existing listings to your newly connected teammate Airbnb account.