How to reset your password

Locked out of your account? Here's how to reset your password.

You can quickly reset/change your password on the log in page -

  1. Simply click on 'Don't remember your password' as shown below:

  1. Then enter the email address associated with your Uplisting account. You will get an email with a reset link.

Using Social Login? This is how to set username and password.

If you log in using Google or Facebook, and would like to set a username and password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log out of Uplisting
  2. Sign up again to Uplisting using the same email address as your google login and a new password
  3. Log out of Uplisting again
  4. Log back in using your email and password
  5. The two accounts will be linked together

If you are having any further challenges accessing your account, please reach out to support on Live Chat or via [email]([email protected]