Listing public title

The public listing title is used on automated messages, auto-responder and anywhere else the listing needs to be identified to your guests.

Listing nickname

The nickname is used to identify listings within Uplisting. This is not synced to any booking site.

Property and guests

Property type and the maximum number of guests.


Select the number of bedrooms, beds and bed types.


Select the number of bathrooms and bathroom type.

Check-in and check-out times and Timezone

If you have imported your listings from Airbnb, check-in and out times are automatically synced as part of the importing process. Changes on Uplisting will not be synced to booking sites.

Check-in and out times and your Timezones are used to trigger your automated guest messages.

Guest resources

Wifi name and password which can be used in automated messages saved replies, and other features as tags.


The address is used when creating listings on booking sites and is used by partners such as PriceLabs to get accurate location data.



At least 6 photos

You must have at least 6 photos to create a listing on Vrbo. This is why Uplisting doesn't allow you to remove a photo if only 6 are in place. To get around this, upload any replacement photos before removing those you don't want.


Amenities are synced to Vrbo and your direct booking website.

Vrbo & direct website

Listing headline

This headline is different from the Listing Public Title to allow you to set specific headlines on Vrbo and your direct booking website.

Listing description

The listing description is shown on Vrbo and the direct booking website.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy is relevant to Vrbo only.

Rental agreement

You must provide a PDF rental agreement to list on Vrbo.

Property registration number

This is required for some Vrbo locations.

Minimum age of lead renter

You can set a minimum age for the lead renter for Vrbo.

Show exact location

This allows you to share a general location for your Vrbo listings.