Extra guest charges

Extra guest charges are set per night per guest.

How to set extra guest charges

Select the listing on the calendar you wish to set extra guest charges for then go to the Base pricing tab.

Set the extra price per guest (eg. $10), the number of guests after which the charge kicks in (eg. setting 2 means the third guest is the first to experience the extra charge) and set the maximum number of guests you allow. This final number must equal the allowed guest number you set on the property on Booking.com.

Click Save and sync pricing.


Extra guest charges for Booking.com listings

Typically extra guest charges on Booking.com work by setting the base price for all guests, then subtracting extra guest charges depending on the number of guests.

For example when the base price is $100 for 4 people, and extra guest charges are $10 for each guest above 2, the price for 3 guests is $90 and 4 guests is $80.

Uplisting can set extra guest charges in the same way Airbnb does. Where the base price is for 2 guests (for example) and any extra guests are charged on top of that. In the above scenario that results in:

2 guests = $80, 3 guests = $90 and 4 = $100.

The benefit of replicating Airbnb (aside from it being easier to understand) is that you don't need to have a different pricing setup for Airbnb and Booking.com.

You can double-check the extra guest prices are correct on your Booking.com calendar on your extranet.