Enquiry auto-responder

Auto-respond to Airbnb enquiries and boost your listing rankings


Your response rate and response time are directly linked to your search ranking on Airbnb. What does that mean? Simple. You need to respond to all guests and respond fast.


How does the Uplisting Airbnb enquiry auto-responder help?

‴️ Increase response rate

Auto-respond to all enquiries no matter what time of day, or night. None will be forgotten!

⏱ Reduce response time

Auto-respond to guest enquiries in seconds. Keep potential guests engaged and keep your listing at the top of their minds.

πŸš€ Turn more enquiries into bookings

Responding quickly to enquiries (with a personal message) helps boost conversions to book. Guests appreciate a quick and personal response.

How to enable this feature

Enable this feature on the Automate screen, here.

Enable or disable

Use the toggle to enable (green) or disable (grey) the auto-responder.

Time delay

Uplisting can respond almost instantly if you like (0-minute time delay), however, some members prefer to delay up to 60 minutes to allow them to respond manually. If you respond manually, the auto-responder will not trigger.



The auto-responder did not trigger

If you respond to the guest enquiry manually, ie. you send a message yourself, the auto-responder will not send a message. This is the desired outcome as you don't want a templated message sending after you have responded yourself.