How to link listings

Instructions on how to link listings on Uplisting

Video guide on linked listings

How linked listings work and how to set up

  1. You'll find the linked listing setting under the new Linked listing tab on each property settings panel under More settings (shown in the image below).
  2. Linked listings work in one direction. This allows Uplisting to be a bit more flexible than Airbnb but means you need to specify links on each listing.
  3. If you want Listing A to be blocked when a booking is created on Listing B and C, select that B and C on A's linked listing tab.

What if I only want to block dates due to bookings?

This is possible! Toggle the Create corresponding unavailability markers when an unavailability marker is created on linked listings? setting off. Uplisting will then only created linked unavailability markers due to bookings, rather than both bookings and unavailabilities.