An introduction to reports

How to use Uplisting reports to help manage your business

We understand having access to your booking data is important for a number of reasons. Uplisting Reporting is designed to provide you with all booking data in a quick and flexible way.

How can I filter my data?

You can filter your report exports by:

  • Date range
  • Listing
  • Include cancelled bookings true/false

How can reporting be used?

  • Client invoicing
  • Filter to an individual property on a monthly basis to quickly calculate client invoices.
  • Task scheduling and operations
  • Get a list of upcoming bookings to help plan cleaning, maintenance and welcomes.
  • Accounting
    Reports include price breakdown for all bookings. Work out your earnings and tax deductibles (cleaning, booking site commission).
  • Performance analysis
  • Nights sold
  • Average daily rate (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • Average nightly occupancy (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • Average length of stay
  • Marketing
    Import your guest's details including email and phone numbers to your favourite marketing solution
  • Collect accessible records of:
  • guest lists
  • guest name, phone number and email address
  • number of guests
  • booking site confirmation code

How do I create a report?

In the example below all bookings that check-out within the month of March will be included in the report.

  1. Select the 'Reports' icon on the navigation
  2. On the Booking reports panel select a date range
  3. Select the listings you wish to be included
    4 . Select 'Request report'
    Your report will be emailed to your registered email address and downloadable as a CSV spreadsheet file.

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