Warning Symbols Showing on Booking Sites Tab

The warning symbol means that a connection is failing

We realise there's a lot to look at in the Uplisting Platform for connections and integrations.

This symbol was only showing when you have not completed your connection to Booking.com. We're now showing a warning symbol on the 'Booking Site' tab for listings if one or more iCal connections need refreshing or resyncing.

Last Sync & Connection Status

If an iCal has not synchronised for an extended period, we'll show that on the Booking Site page for you to see easily.

There may also be a 'Connection' status on the right like the below:

Refreshing the iCal connection

To refresh the connection click the Settings button next to the iCal Connection and then click the Green button that appears.


Please note: in some cases you may need to fetch a new iCal link from the Booking sites as the old one stopped working.

Vrbo iCAL links

If you have recently integrated with Vrbo via API, the iCal connection will be disabled automatically. In this case, no further action is needed.

You may need to keep your Vrbo iCal link connected in this failed state because removing it will mean that already imported bookings that were present on that iCal link will disappear.

If you wish to remove the iCal link after Vrbo API integration, make sure that you have blocked the dates on Uplisting for the existing bookings or create a manual booking on the calendar for those existing bookings. This will prevent any double double bookings from Vrbo.

If you have any queries or need further assistance let us know on Live Chat or via email.