Auto-replenishment and risk of double bookings


Auto-replenishment is an automatic default function that puts cancelled rooms back up for sale on For further information, see's guide here.

Why is auto-replenishment an issue's auto-replenishment overrides the calendar availability sent from Uplisting. This is an issue if you accept a booking from another channel, create a direct booking or mark dates unavailable on dates that overlap a cancelled reservation.

Effectively opens dates directly on your calendar without informing your channel management software (ie. Uplisting).

How to avoid double bookings due to's auto-replenishment

‘Auto-Replenishment of Closed Rooms’ (also known as ‘Reopen Closed Rooms’) is a property-level setting accessed in the extranet. It’s active by default, but it can be deactivated on request.

We recommend that you contact your local support team if they want to deactivate this option.

Here is a guide from