Bookings report (legacy)


We recommend using the newer Bookings report

The legacy booking report is similar to the Bookings report, however, doesn't contain the same level of price breakdown.

What is provided in the new booking report that's missing in the legacy report?

The new booking report provides richer financial information.

  1. Extra charges are now broken down into 1. Extra guest charges (eg. $50 for each guest after 2) and 2. Extra charges, which include all other fees (eg. linen, parking, service fee) except the cleaning fee.
  2. Booking taxes are summed and provided in a column
  3. Payment processing fee. Effectively the Stripe transaction fee.
  4. Commission tax. For some of you Airbnb charge a tax on their service fee.
  5. Cancellation fee. If you earned revenue from a cancelled booking this amount is now provided.

Why provide this report?

Many Uplisting members have built out MS access, Excel and other automated reports which rely on the structure of the legacy booking report.

Once this report is no longer being used, we will decommission.