Custom property attribute tags

Property specific content you can create yourself and use in automated messages, saved replies, eSign rental agreements and automated reviews


Over 50 properties and need help importing customer property attributes?

Reach out to our customer support, who can provide a custom property attribute spreadsheet. You can fill in all the attributes and attribute content for our team to import for you.

Introduction to custom property attribute tags

Custom property attributes offer a flexible way to include custom content unique to each property in automated messages, saved replies, eSign Rental Agreements and automated reviews. Even better, custom property attributes can automatically insert relevant content based on the property your guest has booked.

Video introduction

Examples of how members use custom property attributes

Automated messages

lock_box_name and lock_box_code

If you have a lockbox for each property, you can create a listing attribute called lock_box_code and then provide a value for that (eg. 38475) on each listing.

Enter parking instructions for each property.

Add your check-in instructions.

Other useful attributes:

  • listing_short_name
  • main_door_entrance_code
  • multi_unit_floor_level
  • mutli_unit_door_number
  • parking_space_number
  • house_rules
  • listing_url_airbnb
  • listing_url_vrbo
  • listing_url_bookingcom
  • listing_url_direct
  • guidebook_url

Saved replies

Rather than having a saved reply called Parking Listing 1, Parking Listing 2, Parking Listing 3 etc. You can create one saved reply called Parking response and within that saved reply have the following content:

Hi {guest_first_name},


Let us know if you need anything else!

Send that saved reply to your guests and Uplisting will automatically insert the parking_instructions content for the property the guest has booked.

eSign rental agreements

luxury clause

Create a custom property attribute called 'luxury clause', enter content for each property where a luxury clause is relevant and then insert that clause into your rental agreement. The 'luxury clause' will only display to bookings on properties where you have added content for the 'luxury clause' property attribute.