How to enable and configure multi-units


Multi-units are currently in beta and not available on all account

If you'd like access to multi-units please send us a message using the customer support chat widget.

How to set multi-unit availability

  1. Go to Property settings > Availability
  2. Enter the number of units under "Number of available units"
  3. Save.

Once you enter a figure greater than 1 in this input, this property will convert into a multi-unit listing. The available units will sync to Airbnb, and your direct booking website.

How to view multi-units

Select the "Hidden rows" button on the calendar and check "Multi-units"

Once checked, you will see multi-units under the original property. By default, the new multi-units will be named Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3 etc. You can select the multi-unit name and edit it.

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