How to refund the security deposit

For security deposits, Uplisting can pre-authorise or take the full payment it based on the length of the booking.

  1. If a booking is 6 or less days in duration Uplisting will pre-authorise the payment card for the security deposit amount. Why 6 days? Uplisting processes the security deposit 24 hours before check-in.

  2. If a booking is greater than 6 days in duration Uplisting will process the full charge. Stripe charges transaction fees on these payments which is why the system pre-authorises where possible.

How does Pre-authorisation work?

If a booking is less than 6 days, the payment is only a pre-authorised.
Pre-authorisation means you don't get charged for the transaction, but can take partial or full payment of the security deposit if required. Pre-authorisation is in place as Stripe only allow a pre-auth of 7 days. This is a Stripe limitation. After 7 days, then the uncaptured amount is refunded automatically.

On Uplisting, if the security deposit is pre-authorised it will show on the booking panel as below:

What happens when the deposit is taken?

If a booking is more than 6 days, the security deposit amount will be charged on the guest's card and will show on your Stripe account as charged. If the deposit has been taken as a charge, it will show as being collected successfully on Uplisting.

In this case, you will need to refund the deposit manually from Stripe. The easiest way to refund the deposits is to open the price tab on the booking, then click the 'view Stripe customer' at the bottom. This will open the Stripe customer where you can refund the deposit payment.


We are currently working the ability to refund security deposits automatically. You can follow progress on this from our roadmap here:

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