Actionable insights and key performance indicators

What is Uplisting Insights?

Insights offer a detailed overview of business performance. Understand how your business and each individual property, or group of properties, are performing today and in future and compare to previous results.

What metrics are included?

  1. Occupancy (%)
  2. Booked nights (#)
  3. Total revenue (ie. gross revenue) (USD/EUR/GBP/ETC)
  4. Average nightly rate (USD/EUR/GBP/ETC)
  5. Coming soon: RevPAL (revenue per available listing) (USD/EUR/GBP/ETC)
  6. Total bookings (#)
  7. Lead time (days)
  8. Average length of stay (nights)
  9. Coming soon: Management fee (USD/EUR/GBP/ETC)
  10. Coming soon: Host earnings (USD/EUR/GBP/ETC)

See how each metric is calculated, here.

What filters are included?

  1. Date range (in months)
  2. Entire portfolio (this is the default view)
  3. One or more properties
  4. Coming soon: Property (listing) tags
  5. Coming soon: Client
  6. Coming soon: City

What comparisons are included?

  1. Coming soon: Year over year (compare current year with the previous year)
  2. Coming soon: Revenue by channel