How to connect to Vrbo (HomeAway)

Introduction to connecting to VRBO (Homeaway)

VRBO (Homeaway) works a little differently to and Airbnb in that Uplisting will create your listings for you. This is great as it saves you lots of time, however, this also means you need to ensure you have your listing content ready to go (Uplisting does most of this for you automatically).

If you already have Homeaway/VRBO listings, the Homeaway team can link them for you. Take note of your property (or unit) ID.

How to publish your listing on Homeaway

1. Go to the Listing, then Booking Sites Tab. Find the Vrbo booking site

Select the Publish button on Vrbo (API/XML) booking site on the listing you wish to publish.

2. Enter your company name (only asked this once)

When connecting your first listing, you'll be asked to enter your business name. This should be a recognisable name as Homeaway will use this to identify you and your listings.

3. Check if your listing is publishable

3a. If you have provided all the necessary information, you will be able to publish your listing using Publish button.

Make sure to check your taxes and fees (eg. cleaning fee). You should also upload your own rental agreement and check your cancellation policy (Uplisting provides a very basic default rental agreement and sets your cancellation policy to strict).

3b. If you do not have all the relevant information, Uplisting will indicate which listing information you need to provide before you can publish.

You can click on each item (eg. Listing basics) to be brought to that screen. You can't continue until all these requirements are green.

4. Publish your listing

Once all of your listings are created & active and you're new to VRBO then Click the "Submit Form on VRBO (Homeaway)" (shown below).

If you already have a VRBO account check out our help guide here.

That's it on Uplisting (see steps on Homeaway below)!

VRBO (Homeaway) Form button

VRBO (Homeaway) Form button

5. Submit your information with VRBO (Homeaway)

5a. If you already have a VRBO/Homeaway account, follow this guide:

Follow this guide if you already have a VRBO (Homeaway account)

5b. If you are new to VRBO/Homeaway follow these steps

If this is your first listing and you've clicked on the 'Submit form on Homeaway' button a VRBO page will load.

VRBO will ask you some questions, just click through as needed (examples below) and submit on the final form.

Uplisting's software information will be prefilled for you.


Choose the language you need in the top right corner in Vrbo

To be directed to the correct Vrbo Support Country with the correct language and currency you need to set the language from the top right hand corner of the first Vrbo page you come to.

Select the right language

Select the right language

Now you can click the "Yes" button as shown below:
Answer Yes or No as needed

Answer Yes or No as needed

Answer Yes or No as needed.

Answer Yes or No as needed.

You'll also be asked for your Name, Email, and preferred Currency.

Once you're through the form and it's submitted you'll need to work with Homeaway to get your listings live.

This is Homeaway's advice:

  • Submit the form provided on the final step of the Homeaway connection steps on Uplisting - shown above.Homeaway will then contact you to set your account and listing preferences so you can begin the activation process. You will need to know your Advertiser ID (shown in Step 4's image).
  • Review the activation process with a Pre-implementation Specialist.A Pre-implementation Specialist will contact you to confirm that your account is ready and set an appointment for your activation project.
  • Begin your project after an Implementation Specialist contacts you.When it is time for your appointment, an Implementation Specialist will contact you to begin your project. If you already have Homeaway listings - they will send a Mapping Spreadsheet to you that enables you to associate Uplisting property IDs with HomeAway listings that you have already published. To find your property IDs within Uplisting, go to Property Settings > Booking sites > HomeAway (API/XML). Here you’ll see your HomeAway Unit (property) ID.