Mark individual dates unavailable

Creating an unavailability marker is simple. Hold down the shift key and click the date to be marked as unavailable. If the unavailability lasts a number of days then drag the mouse cursor to the end date. Don't worry if you get the dates wrong, you can change the dates once you release the mouse and the unavailability panel appears.

Entering unavailability details

Once you have created an unavailability marker, the new unavailability panel will slide in from the right-hand side. Here you can add a reason which will display on the calendar. You can also edit the start and end dates.

Video guide on how to mark dates unavailable

Deleting Unavailability Markers

For some multi-unit listings or due to iCal bookings, some unavailability markers can't be deleted from the app. If this is the case and you need it to be removed please complete this form here which will go to our Technical Support team. We'll then let you know once it's completed via email or chat.