What changes on my Airbnb account when I connect?

There are four key changes you need to be aware of. Aside from these, you can configure everything else directly on Airbnb.

  1. A change to the Airbnb host commission fee (very easily reversible).
  2. New restrictions to what you can configure directly on your Airbnb listing dashboard (also reversible but not without impacting your Uplisting account).
  3. Instant book is turned on. You can disable instant book.

Airbnb host commission fee

Airbnb automatically applies a new host only service fee of 15% when connecting in this way (link to guide on host fees below). To account for this, Uplisting automatically increases your prices on Airbnb by 14%. We do this as a safety precaution. If your prices remained the same you are at risk of accepting bookings 14% below the value you expect.


Unfortunately, we have no insight into the host commission fee set on your account (this information is not provided as part of the integration).

Airbnb has explained to us that all new connections will automatically move to the new 15% commission setting. However, it may be possible that your account remains on the 3% commission setting.

Follow the instructions below in either case and if you would prefer the 3% commission setting (or this is already the setting you are on and want to remain) just change the Airbnb markup Uplisting has automatically set from 15% to 3%. Your updated prices will sync from Uplisting to Airbnb within a few seconds.

How to review and change the Airbnb host commission fee setting:

  1. Confirm your host fee setup on Airbnb here. If it's set to 3%, continue to step 2. If not, set it to 3% (if you wish).
  2. If you wish to reset prices to what they were prior to connecting to Uplisting, change your Airbnb markup on Uplisting to 3% here.
  3. Done - all prices are back to the original values.

Restrictions on configuring prices and other settings on Airbnb

When you connect to Airbnb you'll notice 3 main differences on your listing settings:

  1. You can't change prices or availability directly on your Airbnb calendar
  2. Some pricing settings are disabled
  3. All availability settings are disabled

Each change is explained below.

1. You can't change prices or availability directly on your Airbnb calendar

When you open your Airbnb listing calendar you'll still be able to see your prices, bookings and availability but when you select a date you'll notice you can' change availability and you can't change the price. Instead you need to change your prices and availability directly on Uplisting.

2. Some pricing settings are disabled

You'll notice on the Pricing settings tab some 'edit' buttons are disabled.


Airbnb smart pricing

Airbnb smart pricing does not work at all when connected to a software partner like Uplisting.

Most other settings are configurable directly on Uplisting, except other standard fees, sharing settings and currency. sharing settings and currency are settings that aren't likely to change often. We are adding support for Other standard fees. If necessary we can apply any changes directly on your behalf.

3. All availability settings are disabled
You'll notice all 'edit' buttons are disabled on the availability settings. Disabled Availability settings are detailed below.