Different ways to use and connect the Direct booking engine

There are a couple of ways you can connect to Uplisting's Direct booking website to get the most out of direct bookings.

1. Use our website as it is

You can choose to use Uplisting's site as is. You can choose the Uplisting hosted option or your own custom domain.

2. Use your own marketing website which links to Uplisting direct pages

If you have your own website already, you can put a button that links to the Uplisting direct booking website. This way you can customize your website to look and work the way you want then use Uplisting's direct booking website to handle the more complex booking flows, payment processing, identity verification, rental agreements etc.

Simply add a 'Book Now' or 'Reserve' button and add the link to your Uplisting direct website to this button.

3. Use the Direct booking widget

If you prefer not to use the button on your website, you can add the booking widget on your website. Once the guest, selects the dates they are taken to your Uplisting direct booking page to confirm the booking. Here's how to embed the booking widget to your website.

4. Use Uplisting's API to build your website

You can build your own website entirely and use our API to ensure your prices, availability and restrictions are accurate. Here's the link to our Public API document. This option needs using a developer to build the functionalities for you. If you have any questions when using the API, please reach out to our engineers via this email address: [email protected]