Google booking fees

An explanation of the fees charged to Google bookings

What are the fees for bookings on Google?

Google doesn't charge a commission on bookings. However, Uplisting applies a 3% service fee to each reservation (excluding taxes and fees). This fee helps cover the cost of this integration which is heavily reliant on Uplisting's infrastructure. We recommend marking up Google rates by at least 3% to cover this service fee.

Are payment processing fees included?

No. Stripe will charge you a % payment processing fee in addition to the 3% Uplisting fee.

Are the fees refunded if a booking is cancelled?

Yes, fees are refunded when you refund a booking. The fees are refunded in proportion to the amount you refund. For example, if you refund 100%, the fees are refunded 100%. If you refund 50%, 50% of the fees are refunded.