Automated reviews

Collect more Airbnb guest reviews, boost listing ranking and boost bookings, automatically.


Uplisting's Automated Reviews help you meet your clients (or your individual) objectives, collect more reviews from guests from Airbnb and contribute positively to your booking numbers and conversion rates.

How to enable Automated reviews

Go to Automate > Guest reviews (here).

Why are reviews important?

Reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. Put simply, having many good reviews will increase the number of bookings you get.

Higher ranking on Airbnb search


More reviews on your listings, the higher your ranking on Airbnb search.


Guests check both the content and the number of reviews.

What challenges does this feature solve?

The main challenge in generating reviews is encouraging guests to leave one. Airbnb's solution is double-blind reviews, which is genius. When you leave a review, the guest is notified. In order for them to see your review, they must leave one for you (or wait 14 days).

Leaving a review for every guest is very time-consuming. With Uplisting's automated reviews, you can leave a review for every single guest, without lifting a finger. You won't miss any. This in turn increases the number of guests who will leave a review for you.

How automated reviews work

  • Enable up to 5 review templates. You can edit each review message.
  • Uplisting will randomly submit 1 of the 5 templates for each booking
  • Delay the review to a time of your preference. We recommend delaying by at least 24 hours to ensure the property was left in good shape.
  • Disable reviews on an individual booking. If you had issues with the guest, you may not want to leave a review. Or leave one at the last minute.


Can I disable a review for a specific booking?

Yes, on each booking you'll find 'Automation settings'. Here you can disable the automated review.