Direct booking widget


Uplisting provides a direct booking widget which you can embed directly into your website. This allows guests to select a date range, number of guests and location (optional).

Once a guest selects their criteria and clicks the submit button, they are directed to the search listings page of your Uplisting direct booking website, where the appropriate properties are displayed.

Uplisting booking widget

Uplisting booking widget

How to embed the Uplisting direct booking widget into your website

1. Insert the following div (as is) where you want to display the booking widget

<div class="uplisting-widget"></div>

2. Insert the following code after the closing tag

This code must be inserted below the div tag in step 1.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    showLocation: true,
  	locationText: 'All cities',
    color: '#000',
    insertAt: '.uplisting-widget',
    guestsMin: 1,
    guestsMax: 99,
    textColor: '#fff',
    backgroundColor: '#000',
    buttonText: 'Submit',

Insert your Uplisting direct booking website URL


Note: for any "" URLS you must append the "/g/" for the widget to work correctly.

For example:

 Display and content options

Location (city dropdown)


To display the location (city) dropdown

Replace ['REPLACE WITH CITY'] with each city you wish to provide, separated by a comma.

For example:

locations: [London', 'Birmingham', 'Cardiff'],

The locations must be spelled in exactly the same way as they appear on your Uplisting properties.


To hide the city location (city) dropdown

Set 'showLocation: false' and leave the 'locations: ['REPLACE WITH CITY', 'REPLACE WITH CITY']' in place as it is.


Please note that cities and regions within listings must use the Latin/Roman Alphabet.

Currently the Widget is not able to use Arabic, Greek, Nordic or other non-latin Alphabet letters.

Submit button

Rename the button

Change the submit text with the name you prefer.

buttonText: 'Submit',

For example:

buttonText: 'Search',

Change button color

Edit the hex code color to edit the button text and background colors.

textColor: '#fff',
backgroundColor: '#000',

How to alter the design further

Create your own CSS selectors to override those provided by Uplisting by default.

Can't see the date picker on the widget?

Some website builders don't allow iFrames (which is what our widget uses) to take more space than given in its closed form i.e. without the date picker being active.

As such, when someone clicks the Date range picker, the user can't see it as it's hidden behind other panels or sections.

This is due to browser limitations and whilst frustrating, is fixable.

For Website Builders:

Adjust the height of the embedded code section to at least 326px

For CSS/Self-coders:

You can test this by clicking on a date entry, then searching for


and seeing the **.active** class.

You'll then just need to amend the Height to at least 326px.