Manage bookings, prices, availability and restrictions for all booking sites in one place


The Uplisting multi-calendar is where you will perform most of your day-to-day operations. You can perform these tasks directly from your multi-calendar:

Guest experience

  • Message guests directly on each booking
  • View and respond to guest messages from connected booking sites on your unified inbox


  • View all bookings from any connected booking site for all listings
  • Search for any booking
  • View the status of each booking
  • View eSign rental agreements
  • View guest identification images (eg. passport)
  • View scheduled changeovers (turnovers)
  • Add notes for your cleaning team
  • Tag listings and filter the view by one or more individual listings and tags

Prices and rates

  • Update daily prices
  • Bulk update daily prices for multiple listings over a certain date range
  • Show the prices set on your direct booking website, on Airbnb, and Vrbo


  • Mark dates unavailable
  • Update daily min stay restrictions
  • Update daily closed for arrival restrictions
  • Update daily closed for departure restrictions
  • Bulk update all restrictions