Bookings report


The bookings report provides all bookings and associated booking data throughout a date range.

How do I create a report?

  1. Select the 'Reports' icon on the navigation
  2. On the Booking reports panel, select a date range
  3. Under report type, select Bookings
  4. Select the properties you wish to be included
    5 . Select 'Request report.'
  5. The report will be sent to your email within a few minutes.

How can I filter my data?

You can filter your report exports by:

  • Date range
  • Listing
  • Include cancelled bookings true/false


Your report will be emailed to your registered email address and downloadable as a CSV spreadsheet file.

Example bookings report

Below is a sample bookings report. Scroll left/right to see all columns.

What does each heading mean?

Header titleMeaning
Property IDThe Uplisting property ID
Property nameThe Uplisting property nickname
Multi-unit nameIf the property has Multi-units, this is the name of the unit
Booked atDate and time the booking was created
Booking IDThe Uplisting booking ID
Check inCheck in date
Arrival timeArrival time
Check outCheck out date
Departure timeDeparture time
Number of nightsNumber of nights guest is staying
Channel nameBooking site name (eg. Airbnb)
Booking sourceDirect bookings can have a source which you manually select
Guest nameGuest name
Guest emailGuest email
Guest phoneGuest phone
CurrencyCurrency the booking was made in
Confirmation codeAirbnb or confirmation code or booking ID
Number of guestsNumber of guests booked
Accommodation totalThe accommodation total is the sum of the night rates. This figure includes booking commission.
Cleaning feeThe cleaning fee if present
Extra guest chargesAny fees for extra guests specifically
Extra chargesThe sum of any additional charges.

On Airbnb, charges include linen fee, management fee, etc.

On extra charges include linen fee, service fee, etc.

Also included are any extra charges you add manually on a booking and upsells (a feature being released in future).
DiscountsDiscounts applied to a booking. eg. weekly discount, or new listing discount on Airbnb.
Booking taxesThe sum of any taxes related to the booking.

On, this could be the sum of the city tax and VAT for example.
Payment processing feeThis is the sum of any Stripe transaction fees
CommissionThe booking site service fee/commission
Commission taxTax on the booking site commission
Total payoutThis is the total amount earned for the booking.

It sums the accommodation total, extra guest charges and extra charges minus discounts, taxes, commission and payment processing fees.
Cancellation feeExclusive to Airbnb and currently.

If your cancellation policy means you earn all or a portion of the booking value, this figure will be included here.
Accommodation management feeThis amount is calculated based on the accommodation total and the % accommodation management fees you have set.
Cleaning management feeThis amount is calculated based on the cleaning fee and the % cleaning management fees you have set.
Total management feeThis is the sum of the accommodation and cleaning management fees.
NoteAny notes you have added on a booking.
StatusBooking status can be confirmed or cancelled

How can reporting be used?

  • Client invoicing
  • Filter to an individual property monthly to quickly calculate client invoices.
  • Task scheduling and operations
  • Get a list of upcoming bookings to help plan cleaning, maintenance and welcomes.
  • Accounting
    Reports include price breakdown for all bookings. Work out your earnings and tax deductibles (cleaning, booking site commission).
  • Performance analysis
  • Nights sold
  • Average daily rate (per listing or client/portfolio)
  • Average nightly occupancy (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • Average length of stay
  • Marketing
    Import your guest's details, including email and phone numbers, to your favourite marketing solution
  • Collect accessible records of:
  • guest lists
  • guest name, phone number and email address
  • number of guests
  • booking site confirmation code