Guest messages not appearing


Unfortunately, the messaging integration with Vrbo (Homeaway) is not as advanced as Airbnb or - yet.

How does guest messaging work with Vrbo?

Uplisting has access to your Airbnb and inbox and messages. Uplisting can also send messages to Airbnb and on your behalf. Those messages are processed by Airbnb and, shown on your inbox on those platforms and your guest is updated depending on their notification preferences.

This is not the case with Vrbo (Homeaway). Unfortunately, Vrbo don't offer the same depth of integration, yet! The way messaging works with Vrbo is Uplisting sends emails to your guests directly, using the guest email address provided when a guest reserves.

Guest messages appear on the Vrbo dashboard but not on Uplisting

If you can see guest messages on your VRBO dashboard but not on Uplisting, unfortunately, we cannot access these messages, as described above. This is the biggest pain as your guest is still able to send messages via VRBO.

How best to avoid issues

The best way to avoid issues is to use Uplisting automated messages. As soon as your guest books on Vrbo, Uplisting can automatically trigger a 'New Booking' message (via email). Your guest can reply to these emails, and those replies will appear in your Uplisting inbox.

Otherwise, the Vrbo recommendation is to check your Vrbo inbox.
Vrbo assures us that an inbox platform is on their roadmap. We will integrate with this as soon as it is available.

Guest messages appear on Uplisting but not on Vrbo

This is expected as the emails Uplisting sends are not accessible by Vrbo.

Vrbo enquiries not appearing on Uplisting

This is a separate limitation. Uplisting currently does not support Vrbo enquiries. We have discussed this integration with Vrbo and have been advised it is not ideal. Similar to guest messages, we are waiting for Vrbo to upgrade their platform so we can support enquiries.