Smart rates & prices

Uplisting’s smart rates solve the disparity of different commission structures so you always earn the same amount, no matter where your booking comes from.

Why do we need smart rates?

Each booking site offers different commission structures. charge a host commission (~15%) on the rate you set, whereas Airbnb offers the option to a. split the commission between the host (3%) and the guest (6–20%), or b. for the host to pay all the commission (14%). VRBO (Homeaway) charge 5% commission to hosts and 4% to 9% to guests.


When connecting to an official partner like Uplisting (and depending on your location, Airbnb changes the commission structure to be 15% of the rate you set. The guest is not charged any fee. See our ultimate guide to Airbnb service fees

How do Uplisting smart rates work?

Easy. You set the rate you want to on a nightly basis (we call that your take-home rate) and Uplisting will work out the commission calculation for you prior to syncing with Airbnb, and Vrbo (HomeAway).

Booking site markups

Uplisting defaults the markup added to each booking site, however, you have control over this and can set whatever markup (or markdown) you want.

How to:
Learn how to set custom booking site markups here

How do I update rates?

There are 3 ways to change rates:

  1. Update your base rates (under the pricing tab on your property settings, see here
  2. Set a spot rate by selecting the take-home rate directly on the calendar (eg. select 400 in the image above)
  3. Update rates in bulk (over multiple dates and properties)

How to:

How to set and change rates on Uplisting

How do I know what rates are synced?

You will notice a 'hidden rows' button on the right-hand side of the calendar toolbar. Selecting this allows you to show and hide booking site rates (and other information), as shown below.


Common questions

  1. Will my rates on be much higher than on Airbnb?
    No. When including all commissions (guest and host), prices are relatively similar.

  2. Doesn't require price parity?
    No, not with other bookings sites.