Metric calculations

Learn the calculations driving each Insight metric

Occupancy metrics

Occupancy (occupancy rate)

[total booked nights] Γ· [total booked nights + total available nights]

Total booked dates are divided by the sum of the available nights and booked nights within a date range.

What does available mean?

Available means there were no bookings or unavailability markers on a particular date.

What is not included in the availability calculation

Minimum stay and other restrictions are not included in the occupancy calculation. For example, if a date is not bookable as there is only 1 night available but the minimum stay is 2 this date is included as an available date in the occupancy metric calculation.

Revenue metrics


Uplisting revenue metrics are based on calendar dates.

The booking revenue is divided by the number of nights to get a revenue per night value. When calculating revenue metrics Uplisting sums the nightly revenue value over a date range. For example, if a guest checked in on Jan 29th and checked out on Feb 4th, the revenue is divided across January and February based on the revenue per night.


Cancelled booking revenues are not included

Uplisting currently does not include revenue from cancelled bookings. We will in future.

Gross revenue

Gross revenue includes the accommodation total, extra charges (such as extra guest charges), fees (eg. cleaning fee), booking site commission, taxes and discounts.

[accommodation total] + [cleaning fee] + [extra charges] + [booking site commission] + [taxes] - [discounts] = total revenue

Net revenue

Net revenue includes the accommodation total + charges, discounts and fees based on the calculation you configure, here.


You can configure the net revenue calculation

Configure how net revenue is calculated, here.

Owner Net Revenue

Owner Net Revenue is calculated as 'Net Booking Amount' minus(-) Management Fees.


Management Fees

These are unique fees for Property Managers or Owners that can be set on each property at a set percentage of the accommodation total amount.

More information can be found here

Average daily rate (ADR)

ADR or Average Daily Rate is calculated by dividing the total revenue earned by the number of booked nights.

[total revenue] Γ· [total booked nights]