Unified inbox

The Unified Inbox centralises guest communications and offers powerful features to optimise operations.


Multiple booking site accounts? No problem!

For those of you that work with multiple Airbnb and Booking.com accounts, the unified inbox is a lifesaver!


Native Booking.com inbox and messaging

Uplisting is one of the very few software that offers native messaging for Booking.com (and Airbnb and Homeaway/VRBO and direct bookings!).

📥 Inbox filters and ordering

Close & star guest messages

Now you'll always know what messages require responses, how urgently, and which ones have been dealt with already.

Closing all messages in your inbox is incredibly satisfying!

Filtering guest messages

You can now filter your messages by priority, bookings, enquiries, booking sites, and more.

Message ordering

You can order your messages by newest, unread, and awaiting a reply.

VRBO Messaging

As part of a beta program from VRBO, Uplisting has been allowed access to their new Messaging API. This allows Uplisting to display native message threads for bookings made via enquiries (created since the release on Monday16th May 2023).

All other bookings will continue via email. This is a Vrbo limitation but we're expecting them to release an update so we can support all bookings. We're one of the few providers on this initial pilot with Vrbo so are ahead of the curve for native integrations.