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Video guide on how to connect to


Watch the video below

The video below illustrates the connection process from start to finish. It's worth 4 minutes of your time.

Steps required to connect your Uplisting listings with

On [For each listing]

Select Uplisting as your channel manager on your admin page
Select listing - Account drop-down - connectivity provider
You will receive an email to confirm you want to connect Uplisting to
Uplisting will confirm your request (It can take up to 30 min but is typically much quicker).
Confirm Uplisting as your channel manager.

On Uplisting [For each listing]

Select a listing from the calendar view - select booking sites - Connect
Begin the connection on Uplisting by entering your 'Property ID'
Match Uplisting listings to properties. (You’ll see a 01 at the end of the property ID, this is the room ID and can be verified via the calendar)
Confirm connection and complete.

If you have done things correctly, you will see a drop-down menu to select which listing you are matching


Process Stalling

If the process has stalled and it shows that it is waiting on the connection to, you have most likely missed selecting Uplisting as your connectivity partner for that specific listing. Once this is fixed, you can simply remove the connection and start the process again

In order for the connection to be completed, you must have a valid rate plan setup on for Uplisting to link too


Rate Plans

Uplisting only connects to 1 rate plan, All other rate plan setups, such as non-refundable, won’t sync the Uplisting minimum stay, advance notice or closed for arrival/departure by default, You’ll need to request this from support

Things to note

  • Only bookings from the date connected to Uplisting will sync to Uplisting,
  • You won’t have a record of past bookings,
  • Those bookings which are synced/ booked previous to joining Uplisting but in the future won’t have cleaning fees or commission amounts shown


Need more help?

If you run into any difficulty just reach out to our Support team and we will guide you through the process.