How to cancel or delete a booking

And what's the difference between cancelling or deleting?


It's only possible to cancel direct, Vrbo and Google bookings on Uplisting. You can also delete direct and Google bookings.

Booking site (eg. Airbnb) bookings should be cancelled directly on the booking site itself. Those cancellations will then be reflected on Uplisting within a minute or two.

What's the difference between cancelling and deleting a booking?

The main difference is that when deleting a booking it is permanently removed from the Uplisting database. This is most appropriate for bookings made in error.

Cancelling a booking marks the booking as cancelled in the database but it remains accessible via search and on reports.

When Uplisting provides analytics, cancellation data will be used to offer insight into how your business is performing (eg. % of bookings cancelled = 2%, value of cancelled bookings = $1,324.55).

When to use cancel or delete

Cancel a booking if a guest has cancelled, or you've had to move a booking to another property
Delete a booking if you made a mistake

How to cancel or delete a booking

  1. Click the booking on the calendar
  2. Click 'Details'
  3. Click the cancel (or delete) button
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Confirm cancellation (or deletion)