Manage your Airbnb Notifications & Opportunities

Airbnb Hosting Notifications & Amenity Opportunities brings Airbnb updates directly into your Uplisting dashboard.

Airbnb Notifications

Airbnb Hosting Notifications feature brings Airbnb updates directly into your Uplisting dashboard. This integration means you can manage all your Airbnb interactions in one place, without the need to switch between apps.

Airbnb notifications are enabled directly in Uplisting, without the need to log in to your Airbnb account.

Types of Notifications

1. Financials & Listings Notifications

Airbnb: Payout Info is Required

This notification is sent when a listing requires the host to update or provide payout information to continue receiving payments for bookings.

Airbnb: Taxpayer Info is Required

This alert informs the host that their taxpayer information is needed for the listing, likely for tax purposes or regulatory compliance.

Airbnb: Listing Verification is Required

This notification indicates that a listing requires additional verification from the host, possibly for quality assurance or authenticity checks.

2. Host Account Notifications

Airbnb: Host Account Reactivated

This notification is sent when a previously suspended host account has been reactivated and is back in operation.

Airbnb: Host Account Suspended

This alert informs the host that their Airbnb account has been suspended, possibly due to policy violations or other issues.

3. Host Standard Notifications

Airbnb: Host Standards Required Action Listing Warning
This notification is issued for listings under a warning due to violation of Airbnb’s ground rules. Hosts are usually required to review and address the specific violations.

Airbnb: Host Standards Required Action Listing Reactivation
This alert is for suspended listings that are now eligible for reactivation. Hosts must typically review and resolve the issues that led to the suspension.

Airbnb: Host Standards Suspension Pending Removal
This notification indicates that a listing is pending removal by Airbnb on a specified date due to serious or repeated ground rules violations. Hosts need to review and address the issues promptly.

Get Started

  1. Navigate to "Notifications"
  2. Select Airbnb Hosting Notifications
  3. Selecting a notification opens up the notification in Airbnb in order for you to action the notification.

Airbnb Opportunities

Airbnb often suggests opportunities that can make your listing stand out – like adding air conditioning to let guests know they can stay cool while they're with you. We've made it super easy for you to view and select these Airbnb opportunities right from your Uplisting interface.

Note: Airbnb provides opportunities based on what they think your listing is missing. Therefore only opportunities applicable to your listing and supported through Uplisting, will be shown to you.

Types of Opportunities

Provide basics for cookingLet guests know you have what they need to get a meal started.
Set up a laptop-friendly workspaceGuests are looking for listings with a table or desk and comfortable chair.
Add WifiGuests want to stay connected with a reliable signal.
Allow pets at your placeIf it’s right for your listings, mark them as suitable for pets.
Highlight any free parkingIf there’s parking on your property, let guests know.
Add an ironLet work travelers know your place has an iron.
Add air conditioningLet guests know they can keep cool at your place.
Add a hair dryerLet guests know if your place comes with a hair dryer so they can leave theirs at home.
Add a cribConsider adding a crib—it’s a must-have for many guests who are traveling with infants.
Add a TVGive guests the option to relax and catch up on their favorite shows.
Add heatingLet guests know if there’s a way to warm up your space.

Get Started with Opportunities

  1. Navigate to "Notifications"
  2. Select "Airbnb Opportunities"
  3. Browse through the amenities and select "Apply" on your chosen amenity
  4. Select the Airbnb property you would like to add the amenity to or use the search bar to find the property
  5. Click "Apply"

  1. The amenity will then automatically be added to your Airbnb listing