Booking Payments

There are several ways to collect payments via while connected to Uplisting

  • Internal payments- Payment is collected by and sent to you via Bank transfer
  • Collect Payments via Uplisting- sends the credit card provided at the time of booking and we charge via Stripe
  • If you don’t accept credit cards- The guest pays you directly on Arrival/departure



We do not charge the card provided for security deposits we only use the card that sends to us.
Therefore if payments through Uplisting are not set up, this may still show as "Valid Credit Card Provided" on Uplisting as the system believes there's nothing to charge. Internal payments

This means that Booking Payments are handled by You’ll receive payouts by bank transfer for all your reservations. On Uplisting on the Booking summary you’ll see the status as Booking Payment assumed paid outside of Uplisting.

You’ll also see a note in the Notes section saying the reservation is prepaid. You can also verify this by Logging into and then clicking Finance. Here's a guide

Collect Payments via Uplisting Through Stripe

You also have the option to collect Booking payments via Stripe. To do this please contact support and ask them to set payment to be collected via Uplisting at the time of booking.

How it works

  • Ensure the listing is connected to Stripe
  • You need to ask to enable seeing CC details and send them to Uplisting to be charged via Stripe.
  • Activate the "Take Payment Upon Booking" option within Automate>Payments


Not Enabled

  • You’ll then need to disable payments. Log in to the Extranet- Click Finance, then Payments by
    • Under Payments by, you'll see details of your payment service
  • Uplisting will only take payments for future bookings.
    • Payments for existing bookings will still need to be managed manually.
    • Uplisting will create a Stripe customer and collect 100% of the booking payment instantly



If the credit card sent by does not contain CVC details we are not able to charge the booking. The guest needs to update the card on

Virtual Cards

Uplisting will automatically charge virtual cards. We however charge the card based on the time and date tell us to charge them. This is normally 1 day after check-in.

In this case, payment will show as pending and the note section will indicate that it’s a virtual card