Security Camera Policy Change (April 2024)

Where to amend the details of any indoor and outdoor security cameras and noise detectors.

Following the update from Airbnb in March 2024, they're changing the policy on indoor security cameras and these now are no longer allowed. Additionally, they have stated that exterior security cameras, noise decibel monitors and smart devices must be disclosed in the Listing's profile.

These rules come into effect on 30th April 2024 and further details from Airbnb can be found here:

How do I add this to my listing?

We've had confirmation from Airbnb that even if you're connected to a Channel Manager you are still able to update these details from within the Listing Settings.

Navigate to: Listings > Guest Safety > Safety Devices section on the Airbnb website.

Then just complete the form on that screen, shown below.

I'm receiving an error, what do I do?

If you're seeing an error or not able to update the section then you'll need to reach out to the Airbnb support team for further information. Unfortunately, Uplisting's Support team aren't able to do this for you or update the section.

Can I just add this to Uplisting?

No, Uplisting isn't able to sync this information to Airbnb. You will need to update this on Airbnb's site.