Guest payment links

Uplisting guest payment links allow you to collect payments for direct bookings you take over the phone, via email, or text, very quickly and easily.


Take payment for your direct (commission-free!) bookings without worrying about collecting credit card information, PCI Compliance, processing payments or other headaches with Uplisting hosted 3D Secure guest payment links.

These fast-loading, mobile-focused pages include a guest opt-in feature for future marketing and works for all current and future direct bookings.

Video introduction to Guest payment links

What challenges does this feature solve?

Taking payments for direct bookings can be a major pain, especially when considering chargebacks and potential fraud.

Rather than asking your guests for their credit card information over the phone, or via email, send them a payment link and they can enter their payment details securely. It's really that simple!


All you need is a Stripe account.

How to enable

  1. Open an existing or create a new direct booking

  2. Click the button to copy the link to your clipboard

  3. Paste and send the link to your guest via email or text


Secure & reliable

  • SCA/3DS [no chargebacks if used!]
  • Shows you if a guest has paid or not


  • Shows context with listing image, check-in dates, prices, location etc.
  • Designed to be lightweight and mobile-first
  • Friendly 'cancelled' and other states

Guest marketing

  • Captures guest opt-in to future marketing preference