Airbnb Offline Security Deposits

You can collect offline security deposits when using Uplisting.


Am I allowed to take offline security deposits for Airbnb bookings?

Yes! You are allowed to take offline security deposits (ie. real money) for Airbnb bookings when using Uplisting. One more advantage of using Uplisting :)

Note: We no longer need to request approval for this from Airbnb as it's now done automatically on their side.
Reach out to our customer support using the chat widget or [email protected] if you have any issues with Offline Security deposits

Introduction to Airbnb security deposits

Airbnb offers two security deposits. The first is offered to all hosts and is probably what you are most used to. This deposit isn't actually collected by Airbnb (or you).

As explained by Airbnb's security deposit guidance page
Host-required security deposits are different from Airbnb-required security deposits in that no authorization hold will be placed. Guests will only be charged if a host requests to collect on their security deposit. Depending on what was damaged, the amount the host requests may or may not be the same as the security deposit.*

As you can see, this deposit type doesn't offer you too much protection.

The second security deposit type is only available to hotel and software connected (ie. Uplisting) hosts. Airbnb call this an offline fee. Here's a link to Airbnb guidance regarding offline fees. When you set an offline security deposit fee you are allowed to take a deposit directly from your guest via credit card, cash etc.

As explained by Airbnb's offline fee guide

These (offline) fees are collected directly from guests using a separate payment method outside of Airbnb. Fees are normally collected before a guest’s stay, at check-in, or within 48 hours of checkout.

How to enable an offline security deposit


Do you want Uplisting to automatically collect payment information from guests?

If you'd like Uplisting to automatically collect payment information from your Airbnb guests then there are two steps to the process as you also need to enable our (optional) Protect feature. If you'd prefer to collect the payments manually yourself, all you need to do is step 1, below.

1. Enter an offline security deposit amount

  1. Go to each Property settings > Pricing > Charges & fees page
  2. Scroll down to `Fees (Airbnb only)
  3. Enter a value in the Offline security deposit input

What changes on my Airbnb listing when I enable this feature?

Once you enter a value above, Airbnb will display a note to your guest on booking payment page (ie. once they have entered dates and selected 'reserve').


Airbnb offline deposit method

2. Enable the Uplisting Protect feature to collect guest payments automatically


Security deposits will be enabled for all existing Airbnb bookings

Once you toggle on the Protect feature for Airbnb Uplisting will create security deposits for all existing Airbnb bookings. If you haven't added a description on your listing or hadn't enabled offline security deposits at the time those bookings were created you may not be able to collect deposits from those guests. You can override the deposit requirement on each booking on Uplisting.



Uplisting doesn't send automated messages to Airbnb guests informing them they need to pay a deposit. The main reason is we've had feedback that these messages are a bit much.

Rather than edit the existing messages we're going to hold off until the release of our new automated messaging feature so you can create your own messages informing guests about their deposit payments.

In the meantime, you can add content to your existing automated messages to inform guests of the need to pay a deposit and add the {guest_booking_link} message tag which provides the link to the guest booking confirmation page where they can provide their credit card details.

You can learn more about our Protect (automated security deposits) feature here.

  1. Enable the Protect feature
  2. Ensure Airbnb is enabled (you can enable/disable) the feature per booking site
  3. Ensure you enter a deposit amount (which should match the value you enter above) and toggle the deposit on, on all the listings you want to collect a deposit for.


Is there a guide on Airbnb which I can point to if a guest asks me?

Yes. Here's a link to Airbnb guidance regarding offline fees.