Vrbo (homeaway) guest info and prices not showing

How do I see the information imported for guests from Vrbo? It appears not to be importing this correctly.

This is only relevant to members who recently connected to Uplisting and have existing Vrbo bookings. ie. bookings created prior to connecting to Uplisting.

Homeaway is not as advanced as Airbnb and Booking.com in terms of integrations, so your connection will exist in two states for a period:

  1. iCAL - this displays any existing reservations, however, is very limited in the info we can collect.

  2. Realtime integration - when you have established the real time integration, Uplisting has access to all the information. Guest name, price, email address, phone number etc.

You should keep the iCAL connected as that will always show up the existing reservations (ie. prior to connecting to Uplisting via the realtime integration).

If you'd like to send messages to these guests you can create direct bookings on the Uplisting calendar to match the iCal reservations.