Upsell's Feature FAQ

Common Questions for Our Beta Users Regarding the Upsells Feature

Permissions & Access:

Q: What actions can I perform on upsells and their orders?
A: With the proper permissions, you can connect upsells to properties, update order statuses, and manage upsells effectively.

Creating & Editing Upsells:

Q: What information is needed for creating or editing upsells?
A: You'll need to provide a name, nickname, image, description, and price. You can also set availability, apply filters, and choose a currency.

Payment Error:

Q: What happens if there's a payment error or other issues?
A: Error messages will guide you, and the system will create orders with the appropriate status for follow-up action.

Q: How do filters work on the upsells index page?
A: You can filter upsells by name or property. All filters can be reset as needed.
Upsell Orders Management:

Q: How can I filter and manage upsell orders?
A: Use filters like upsell nickname, guest name, property, and order status. You can update statuses using action dropdowns and confirmation modals.

Insights & Reporting:

Q: Can I see how much revenue upsells have generated in my insights dashboard?
A: Currently, upsell revenue is not displayed separately in the insights dashboard, but it may be added in a future update.

Q: Will upsells affect my overall property revenue reported in insights?
A: Upsell revenue is not included in property revenue figures in the insights dashboard and is tracked separately.

General Usage:

Q: Can upsells be customized for different properties or guest preferences?
A: Yes, you can customize upsells for different properties with specific availability and filters, and create custom upsells tailored to guests' preferences.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of upsells I can create?
A: There is no set limit, but it's important to manage them effectively for a positive guest experience.

Q: How can I get feedback from guests about the upsells offered?
A: Consider sending a post-stay survey or asking for feedback directly in your follow-up communication with guests.