What about Airbnb co-hosted listings?

Airbnb co-host listings are not supported on the official Airbnb integration. What are my options?


You may have noticed technical issues with Airbnb co-hosted listings via the Airbnb mobile app, sometimes on the web and perhaps on Uplisting if you use co-host listings (which are no longer supported for new listings).

The most common issue for co-hosted listings is messaging does not work for a small number of reservations. Min length of stay can't be synced on co-hosted listings, along with other restrictions.

Airbnb do not support co-hosted listings on their official integration.


You have two options:

  1. Connect the account owner Airbnb account to Uplisting. You'll need the login credentials for the Airbnb account to do this.

  2. Create a new listing on your own account.

Both these options may mean a significant change in your workflow and business practices, however, with co-hosted listings becoming increasingly unreliable this transition is advised.