Introduction to Google Vacation Rentals

Google Vacation Rentals is a powerful integration Uplisting provides to sync your properties on Google Search, Maps and Travel.


Get your properties on the front page of the internet

Uplisting is one of a very select few platforms Google has chosen as a connectivity partner.


It can take 2 weeks for your property to be published by Google

Google aim to publish your properties within a week, but it can take longer. If you don't see your property available on Google please wait at least 1 week before contacting our support as this is out of our control.

If you are a new Uplisting member your listing won't be synced to Google until you subscribe. This is to ensure subscribed member properties are published on Google with priority.


Prices, availability and restrictions are synced instantly

Although it takes time for Google to publish your listing initially, any price, availability and restriction updates are synced instantly.

Listing content (images, descriptions etc) are synced by Google daily.

How does the Google Vacation Rental integration work?

Uplisting syncs your properties, pricing, availability and restrictions to Google and Google displays your properties to guests on Google Search, Maps and Travel.

Guests can enter date ranges and number of guests and will be presented with prices. They can then click to book your property. Google does not power the booking process, the guest books via Uplisting guests booking pages.

Flow from publishing your property to a guest booking

  1. [On Google] Once your listing is published on Google guests your listing will appear when a guest searches for accommodation in your area.
  2. [On Google] The guest can view your listing, select date ranges and then click to book
  3. [On Uplisting] Once the guest clicks a book, they are directed to an Uplisting powered listing page.
  4. [On Uplisting] Guest pays for their booking (via your Stripe account)
  5. [On Uplisting] Booking is synced to Uplisting as a Google booking. Google bookings are very similar to direct bookings. All Uplisting features work with Google bookings including automated messages, unified inbox etc.

Google integration

In depth beginner guides

We will focus on how the integration works and what to expect in our support guides (here). If you'd like to better understand what Google Vacation Rentals is and how it works read our articles, linked below: