Moving from an unofficial Vrbo software?

There are a few things to be aware of if you are moving to Uplisting from an unofficial Vrbo software solution.

What is unofficial Vrbo software?

Vrbo provides an official integration to which Uplisting connects. The requirements to be an official software partner are high, which means some solutions must get around this through unofficial means.


Unofficial software solutions will always have additional reliability issues

Unofficial software solutions basically reverse engineer the Vrbo mobile application. This may work well some of the time, however, if Vrbo change anything on their mobile app or their API, those integrated in this way have to react and figure out a solution on the fly. This is most likely the cause of any reliability issues you have experienced.

Official software partners like Uplisting use a different, much more reliable API integration. We are told well in advance of any changes and can plan for them. On top of this we have a monthly call with our Vrbo technical account manager.

How do I know if a software is an official partner with Vrbo?

All official partners are listed on Vrbo, here.

As we get a many accounts moving from Guesty for Hosts, we're adding an additional note. You will see Guesty on the link provided. However, Guesty for Hosts were historically an unofficial software solution. Some accounts remain unofficially connected (they call this "Standard Connection").

What are the main differences to be aware of?

Please note these differences are Vrbo limitations and out of our control.

  1. The integration process is not instant. It can take a few days to be fully connected.
  2. We can't access any existing bookings, past or present.
    Solution: You can add bookings manually or if you have 10+ bookings, we can import them for you.
  3. Vrbo does not collect payment for you
    Solution: Uplisting automates payment collection via Stripe on your behalf
  4. Vrbo does not collect taxes for you
    Solution: Uplisting takes tax payment at the time of booking. However, you are required to remit taxes to your relevant authority.
  5. The Vrbo inbox doesn't sync
    This is no longer an issue with Uplisting. Uplisting syncs confirmed booking guest messages with Vrbo.