Migrating from legacy messaging

A migration guide if you signed up to Uplisting prior to April 2022

The new Outbound messaging feature significantly upgrades the old messaging system. This guide is to help explain the differences and provide tips based on common member requests.


Have a lot of rules and struggling to find the property connected to each one?

Use “+ add filter” link to filter the view by one or more properties.

What are the main changes?

Account level messaging rather than per property messaging

Outbound moves away from messaging being set on a per property basis to creating messages on an account level. This means (for example) you may only have one 'New booking' message connected to all properties, rather than a 'New booking' message per property.


Take advantage of the custom property attribute feature to create custom content for each property. You can reduce the number of message rules by inserting custom property attribute tags and connecting to multiple properties.

Custom scheduling

Old messages were triggered based on hard-coded scheduling. You can now schedule messages based on your preferred timings. Learn more about scheduling messages.

Custom filters

Old messages used hard-coded filters. For example, the first morning of stay message was only sent to bookings that were greater than one day in duration. You can now set your own filters (and set multiple filters). Learn more about message filters.

Common requests that you can now configure

Create as many messages as you want

You can create as many messages as you want!

Filter by booking site

Use the booking site filter to select which booking sites a message should send to.

Security deposit messaging

We have had numerous requests to allow you to set your own security deposit messaging. You can now do this with the Security deposit filter.

⚠️Existing security deposit message templates

We have copied the existing templates and enabled those automatically not to disrupt the status quo. These message rules are named:

  1. Security deposit required (1)
  2. Security deposit required (2
  3. Security deposit required (3)

You are free to edit or disable these messages.

Messaging to automatically inform/chase for rental agreements and guest identify verification

You can add rental agreement and guest identity filters to message rules. Create one for each requirement or one for all.


We have provided templates for the various scenarios where you require a security deposit, rental agreement and guest identity. These are named Reminder 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 2A....

Last-minute booking messages

You can create last-minute booking messages so that guests don't receive several messages at once. Learn more here.