Custom message tags

Why use custom tags?

Custom message tags are tags that you create. Here are a few benefits of custom tags:

  • Create different messages for each booking site Send different messages or snippets within messages to one or more booking sites. For example, you can create a custom message tag such as {{booking_com_security_deposit}} to only trigger when sending to Booking-com guests.
  • Add any custom content, long or short. You can even insert regular message tags (eg. {guest_first_name} in custom tags.
  • Easily manage message content across multiple listings. You can use the custom tag area to store message content and edit easily. For example, if your 'new booking' message is the same for all listings, rather than editing on each listing, create a {{new_booking_message}} custom tag, insert this tag into the new booking message (and select the copy button to copy to all listings). Now if you want to edit the content, you can do so on the custom tag area quickly and easily.
  • Use for information that may change frequently. Create custom message content for information that may change frequently (eg. house rules, contact phone numbers). Rather than update your automated messages, use a custom tag in all messages then update the custom tag content.

How to create custom tags

Go to Automate > Custom message tags, here.

Custom message tag examples

House rules
The content of this tag is updated frequently so rather than updating the content directly on each automated message, we use this tag on multiple messages and then update the house rules in this tag.

Booking site-specific custom message tag examples

These are a few custom tags we use, you can create:


The content of this tag only displays to guests.


The content of this tag only displays to Vrbo guests


The content of this tag only displays to Vrbo and guests


The content of this tag only displays to Airbnb guests

How to use custom message tags to send different automated messages to each booking site

It's very easy to send a different message to guests from each booking site.

  1. Create a custom tag for each booking website
    You can create multiple custom tags for different types of automated messages.

  2. Insert the custom message tags into the automated message
    Insert each tag side by side in the automated message.

{{airbnb_new_booking}} {{bdc_new_booking}} {{vrbo_new_booking}} {{direct_new_booking}}

That's it. Airbnb guests will receive the Airbnb custom tag message content, will receive the custom tag message content, etc.