Guest identification verification

What is guest identity verification?

This feature brings the power of Airbnb guest verification, to you.

Guest identity verification is an extremely powerful feature. Easily and securely verify your users’ identities and collect identification documentation directly and seamlessly via Uplisting. Verify the authenticity of over 4,000 document types from 100+ countries.

Benefits of using Guest Identity Verification

  1. Enable a powerful and very user-friendly guest verification flow with the click of a button.
  2. Guests can verify their identity by uploading an image or taking a photo in real-time. Both on desktop and mobile.
  3. Verify the authenticity of over 4,000 document types from 100+ countries.
  4. Prevent fraudulent bookings.
  5. No external provider is needed.

How much does Guest Identification cost?

The following charges are per verification (including any retries following failed checks). For most common currencies these are:


How does identity verification work for guests?

1. New guest verification module on the booking confirmation page

When the feature is enabled, a Guest verification module appears on the guest booking confirmation page. Within this module is a Please verify your identity button.

2. Guest verification flow

Once your guest selects the Please verify your identity , the following screen is shown. This screen is mobile responsive.

Select identification type

Next they select which identification type to verify their identity with.

Identification source

Guests can take a picture on their phone, on their laptop or by uploading a file (image). This makes it very easy for the guest to provide their identification in a way that suits them best.

Upload identification

If taking a photo of their identification, guests are asked for access to their camera. They can then take a picture of their identification.

Identification successfully submitted

As soon as the identification document has been submitted the system attempts to successfully verify.

3. Verification states

Processing state

As the verification documents take time to process, your guests will see a Identity verification processing state on the Guest Verification module after completing the steps above.

Successfully verified

When the identity verification is successful, you and your guest will see a Verification verified status on the Guest Verification module.

Not successfully verified

If verification fails, the state returns to Please verify your identity


Can I ask Airbnb guests to verify their Identity?

Yes, so long as you can verify the requirement to Airbnb (as detailed in this guide) and include the requirement in your listing description.


Airbnb's policy for requiring guest IDs.

How do I know if a guest has verified their identity?

  1. Click the 'preview guest payment page' button on the booking panel on Uplisting.
  2. You will see one of the states detailed above.

How do I send my guest a link to verify their identity?

  1. Click the 'Copy guest payment link' button. This copies the booking payment and confirmation page link.
  2. Send this link to your guest via message on Uplisting, email or any other means. The page is mobile friendly so works on all devices.