Can't edit listing content on Airbnb


Certain inputs are disabled on Airbnb when connected to an official partner like Uplisting. These disabled inputs are listed below. All other inputs and settings are editable on Airbnb.

Settings and inputs that are disabled on Airbnb when connected to Uplisting

  1. Some inputs on the Pricing tab
  2. Some inputs on the Availability tab
  3. Editing prices on a nightly basis directly on the calendar

I can't edit the listing title, description and other content

In this case, you most likely have changed the sync setting directly on Airbnb. To check this, go to the listings page on Airbnb ( The sync setting should be Pricing and availability.


How to change the sync setting

  1. Go to the Airbnb listings page:
  2. Check all the listings you need to reset the sync settings
  1. Select the Edit selected button
  2. Then select the Sync settings option.
  1. Select Only sync pricing and availability
  2. Save
  3. You can now edit listing content like title and description